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Why So Many E-mails?

2. December 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

When you start using for the first time, you may be surprised at the number of e-mails you will receive from the ladies on the site. For some, the number can seem overwhelming. Some gentlemen even wonder how it is that so many beautiful ladies are interested in them without having gotten to know them yet.


Here is an explanation of why so many ladies are eager to talk to our newest members and introduction to our Black Book method of managing your correspondence.


Introduction E-mails

The first e-mail you receive from any Russian lady on our site is considered an introduction e-mail. Russian marriage agencies encourage their ladies to send as many introduction e-mails to as many members as they can to increase the likelihood of a response.


For this reason, many of the initial e-mails your receive may appear to be generic in tone and not necessarily specific to you. And with more than 10,000 women to choose from on, the number of messages can quickly become overwhelming.


So how do you manage them?


Black Book Management

In order to help our members effectively manage the abundance of e-mails they receive from our beautiful Russian brides, we created the Russian Love Match “Black Book” feature. The Black Book allows you to easily keep track of your favorite ladies, ladies you have e-mailed, and ladies who have expressed interest in you.


Here you can look back at all the prior correspondence you have exchanged with a particular lady, including both e-mail and chat messages. Both your admirers (ladies who have added you as one of their favorites) and your matches (ladies on your favorites list who have added you as a favorite as well) can be easily displayed through the respective filters. Additionally, you can see a list of ladies with whom you have exchanged gifts, a list of your intimacy requests, and list of any ladies you have chosen to block from contacting you.


All of this makes the experience of finding that one special Russian lady much easier and more efficient – especially the more you choose to communicate.


The number of initial e-mails you receive from our Russian ladies can indeed seem overwhelming. For this very reason, the Black Book is available to help you separate the ladies who interest you from those who do not. Once you find that one special lady, correspondence will be much easier and more manageable. So what are you waiting for? Start your search for your Russian bride today.