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Why Don't the Ladies Smile?

22. September 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

One thing you may have noticed about the profile pics on (other than the ladies’ sexy clothing) is that many ladies look rather serious. Though some women grin or smile at the camera, others appear somber, reflective, or even angry. Does this mean the ladies are unfriendly and unapproachable? Definitely not! Here’s why.

Though smiling is big in the West, with men and women smiling at friends, family members, co-workers, shop workers, and even strangers on the street, people in Eastern Europe typically do not smile out of politeness. 

“It seems very artificial, and therefore, unpleasant for many Russians to smile politely, the way people do in America or Europe,” write the experts at “We like a sincere, good-natured smile as a proof of our personal affection to other persons.”

This difference in culture is one reason the ladies of RLM may seem surprisingly serious on camera, though other women may simply wish to look sultry or mysterious (which is impossible if one is grinning ear to ear). Of course, some ladies prefer to reserve their laughs and smiles for gentlemen they find interesting.

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Yes, some ladies on look rather serious, but that doesn’t mean they’re hostile or unfriendly. Don’t let a somber expression keep you from contacting a promising Russian love match!