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Why Don't All the Ladies Smile?

16. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

You've not doubt been captivated by the smiling faces of the beautiful Russian ladies on Or you've been intrigued by those with a sultry pout.


Is a smile a barometer of a lady's happiness and friendliness?  Not at all!


It might surprise you to learn that a public smile does not mean the same thing in Russia as it does in much of the West. North American people, in particular, feel obliged to smile at strangers. It says, "I'm friendly! I'm polite!"


Smile at a Russian stranger on the street or in a shop, and he or she might question your motives: "Why is that person smiling at me? I don't know them! Do they want something? Did I wear mismatched socks?"


And that is the key difference: Russians generally don't smile out of politeness. In their culture, automatic smiles are seen as insincere -- or a sign of a foreigner! Russians generally reserve smiles for people they know.  Think of it as special!


Certainly you won't see many smiles from people in service jobs. They are trained to take their work seriously. Smiling is seen as inappropriate and overly familiar in that setting.


There are many reasons a particular lady on might not smile in a profile picture. Some may not want to grin until they get to know you better. Others want to project a certain look in their photos.  The best thing to do is ask them!


That's because everyone, of course, has a smile to share. Especially for a loved one!


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