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Why Do Russian Women Write the Same Things in Their Profiles?

15. August 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

After browsing profiles on, gentlemen may notice a few similarities in the ladies language and tone. A few men are suspicious when they see more than one lady writing about fairytale romances and making cozy homes with Western suitors, but they needn't worry.

Please keep in mind that there are thousands of women on so similarities are bound to occur. The women also chat with one another about what sort of things to write in their profiles in addition to asking agency staff for advice. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many of the ladies’ profiles contain similar language and themes. If you were to review the profiles of Western gentlemen you’d also find many similarities. There are only so many ways to advertise one's self to prospective partners.

Gentlemen who are worried about a woman's sincerity may wish to focus on other potential matches. However, they should know that by making assumptions about a woman’s sincerity (or lack thereof) they may miss out on someone special. When it doubt, it pays to give ladies the benefit of the doubt.