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Why Do I See Some of Your Russian Ladies on Other Sites?

3. December 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

It's no secret that not only offers you access to some of the most attractive Russian women, but also one of the most user-friendly methods of getting to know them.


If you have any questions about whether the lady you are speaking with is real or not, be assured that ensures that all of the ladies on our website are real by obtaining their picture IDs and filming the ladies signing their attestation agreements. Very few of our competitors can offer customers the same assurances!


Sometimes our members do feel the necessity to look in multiple places to meet the love of their life.  This is totally up to them, although we don’t recommend it. We feel that the time spent learning two separate website systems and understanding the different procedures and processes for separate services could be better spent focusing on meeting ladies and getting to know them.



We have the same policies in place for the ladies on the site. While we feel we are the best choice in online romance today, if any ladies on the site wish to sign up with a second service, we don’t think it’s fair to stand in the way of people’s search for love.


Using multiple website services can have mixed results. While it does allow you access to an even larger pool of people, it can also dilute your focus and stop you from connecting with ladies on a personal level. The cost can also be a factor; while some other services may manage to offer similar pricing to us, they normally cannot offer the same features or the diversity in ladies, plus if you are participating in two separate sites, you will obviously incur two separate membership charges. At, we have thousands of single women and offer some of the most cost effective membership options of any online dating service.