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Where Do My Old Russian Love Match E-mails Go?

4. January 2010 by Daniel 0 Comments

E-mails that stay in your Russian Love Match inbox for more than 90 days will no longer appear with your newer messages. This is because they are placed into an archive. You are still able to read the message and save pictures and other attachments from the Russian ladies in the 90 days that the messages are in your inbox. 


If you wish to save an e-mail rather than have it go into the archive, simply open it and select “Save” under your browser’s “File” menu. To save a picture, all you have to do is open the picture, right-click on the image and choose “Save Image As …” from the pop-up menu.


If you would like to delete an e-mail before it is archived, open it and examine the options at the top of the message, on the right-hand side of the page, which include “Reply” and “E-mail History.” Further down, you will see the “Delete” option. Once an e-mail is deleted, it will no longer appear in your inbox or e-mail history.


In order to block e-mails from a specific lady, you can click the "Block" link to add her to your block list. After she has been added to your block list, a prompt will appear asking if you would like to keep or remove all of her e-mails.