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Where Did My Russian Lady Go?

9. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

You might be familiar with this scenario: you're exchanging e-mails with a lady every day on, you're starting to get to know her and look forward to talking to her every time you come online. Then, suddenly, she disappears. It happens from time to time.


While strives to provide one of the most intuitive and comfortable communication environments in the online dating world, we are also aware that not every person using our site will have the same amount of room in their lives as others. In both Russia and the USA, the situations surrounding peoples' lives can change at any moment.


Jobs are lost and gained, family members can get sick, and in many cases this can cause people to have to give up spare time, reorganize their lives and even relocate. offers some of the most fully-featured services of any dating website, but we cannot force anyone - male or female - to remain a member if they do not want to or cannot participate. If a lady decides that she cannot continue using the site, it is our duty to deactivate her profile and ensure that Gentlemen do not accidently try to contact her. We also do not force ladies to give us a reason as to why they are leaving the site, as we understand that in many cases the ladies would prefer to have some privacy.