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When Will a Russian Lady Reply to My E-mail?

28. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

So you find a Russian lady you like on and you write her a quick e-mail to tell her how much you would like to get to know more about her. You send it off and the waiting begins.


While some Russian ladies may reply relatively quickly, others may take days or weeks to respond to new messages. You may wonder: how long should I wait to hear back from a Russian lady? 


In order to understand why some ladies are be able to reply more frequently than others, it is important that you know the steps a lady must take in order to access We work with more than 150 agencies throughout Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, which give women access to all of the services of our Web site and connect them with foreign gentlemen throughout the world. When you send an e-mail to a lady, it is sent to her inbox on our Web site and a copy is forwarded to the local agency where she accesses the site. The agency will then contact the lady to let her know that she has a letter waiting for her. She must then visit the agency in order to read and reply to the message.


There are many reasons why a lady might not reply right away. Keep in mind that each lady has her own obligations and responsibilities to take care of before she can devote time to online dating. Sometimes there may be extenuating circumstances that prevent her from visiting the agency and replying to your message. But most of the time, if a lady is interested you should receive a reply from her fairly quickly.


So how long should you wait before moving on? Ultimately, it’s up to you. However, a good general rule is to give a lady at least two weeks to get back to you. Don’t spend time wondering why she’s not replying. Instead, it’s best to take some time to get to know other Russian women featured on the site while you wait. Other ladies may live closer to the agency and may be able to devote more time to online dating. And many of them likely want to get to know you and communicate via e-mail, live chat or video streaming.


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