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What to Know About Exchanging Personal Contact Information

29. July 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Many gentlemen are eager to exchange personal contact information with a lady, as they should be. However, before initiating the Intimacy Request process there's one important thing men should keep in mind - not all women are willing, or able, to chat off


Though many gentlemen assume a lady will have no problem communicating “off the system” once the two have exchanged personal contact information, this isn’t always the case. A good number of women do not own a home computer so they rely on RLMs agency computers and web cams to chat with foreign men. The ladies can also continue to use the service of agency translators and interpreters, another huge (and often necessary) benefit. For these reasons, and others, many women prefer to remain on even after they have exchanged contact info with a gentleman.


Some men grow upset when they complete the Intimacy Request process only to learn that a lady cannot or will not communicate off Therefore, we highly recommend that a gentleman ask about a lady’s chat preferences and abilities before requesting her personal contact information. Gentlemen should also keep in mind that while they’re welcome to continue using RussianLoveMatch to correspond with a lady, the standard chat and email fees will still apply. We cannot afford to offer our services for free, even if a couple has completed the Intimacy Request process. As always, open and honest communication is the best way to avoid any unpleasant surprises.