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What's the Deal with Scammers and Blacklists?

14. January 2010 by Administrator 0 Comments

If you have done your research about online Russian dating, you know there is great concern about scams and scam sites. You may have even stumbled across one of the notorious "blacklists" of Russian women and sites that are supposedly inolved in scamming.


While we can't speak for other sites, we can assure you that Russian Love Match is a step ahead of our competitors when it comes to protecting the safety and security of our users. 


The Notorious Blacklists

A search of the internet for information about Russian bride web sites will easily turn up a number of pages promoting what are known as “blacklists.” These lists consist of names of Russian women and Russian bride sites that are supposedly suspected by some of being a scam. The lists sometimes include stories from men who claim to have been scammed. However, a closer examination of the lists and the claims behind them will reveal that they are largely the work of competing web sites looking to discredit their competition. A look at the stories from men who claim to have been scammed will also show that many of them simply had a bad experience with a woman or a misunderstanding about a particular service.


The Russian Love Match Difference

Many of the internet sites that claim to offer Russian dating services similar to those of this site are indeed questionable. Certainly, some of them may in fact be so-called scam sites. However, the seven years in which Russian Love Match has grown and thrived are proof positive that ours is a service you can trust. We are also committed to preserving and protecting our customers’ security in using our site. In the rare case that a lady is thought to be using our site for illegitimate purposes, we investigate the matter and remove the lady from the site if warranted.


In the Case of Suspected Scammers on RLM

In the unlikely event that you come across a lady on whom you think may be a scammer, it is important that you consider the situation carefully before making any accusations. In many cases, what a gentleman may interpret as a request for money or a gift – a violation of our Terms of Use – is actually just a misunderstanding. The ladies know that they are forbidden from making such requests and they are each required to make a video attestation agreement not to ask for money or gifts before they are permitted to join our site.


That being the case, such situations do not arise very frequently. However, if you truly believe a lady may be breaking the rules, simply inform our customer service department of the situation and we will investigate. As stated above, if a lady is determined to have violated our terms, she will be barred from using the site.


While there are indeed scammers in the industry. However, only with Russian Love Match can you be sure that you are protected against such illegitimate activities as you conduct your search for a Russian bride.