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What if I Have Doubts About a Lady?

1. December 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments takes great care to make sure the ladies, and our overseas partner agencies, are sincere and honest.


Here's an overview of what we do to keep everything above board, and what happens if a gentleman has doubts.


The ladies

There are thousands of Russian ladies on our site. When they sign up with their local introduction agency, the ladies are required to show valid identification such as a Passport. Furthermore, they must sign a document, on camera, attesting they understand this is a serious dating site and that they will not ask gentlemen for money.


This is called video validation and is represented by a "Validated" symbol on each profile picture.


The live video streaming and chat features show our members that our ladies are real people. You can see them as they chat with you.


However, we are not mind-readers. If you suspect a lady is behaving dishonestly, it is important that you not stay silent. Please contact us right away. If the accusation has merit, actions range from asking the agency to talk to the lady, to removing the lady from our site.  


Our overseas agencies 

We work with dozens of agencies throughout Ukraine and Russia, and are in touch with them constantly about different matters. From the outset, we make it clear that they must not pay the ladies for participating. Some agencies will offer small courtesies to the ladies, like a lounge or snacks. This is hardly payment! We pay the agency management to run the office and computers, and to hire interpreters to help the ladies whose English is not proficient.


However, if you suspect an agency is acting in a less than honorable way, tell us and we will investigate right away.  We are willing to cut ties with agencies who don't operate in an ethical manner.


See for yourself

Our testimonials offer our best "proof" that lasting love can happen between people who approach Russian online dating in a realistic and positive way.


 Both the gentlemen and ladies on our site are willing participants. It is up to you to make a good impression and court the ladies you're interested in. It the ladies' choice whether to pursue a relationship with you. Our Frequently Asked Questions offer great insight on how to find a successful love match on our site.


Begin your search for a Russian love match today.