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What are Young Ukrainian Brides' Priorities?

4. September 2012 by Michelle 0 Comments

Gentlemen who are attracted to Ukrainian women often hear about how they put high priority on getting married and raising a family. However, are those values still important to modern Ukrainian girls? Social research institutes constantly study the country's youth to see how their principles have changed over the years.


One recent survey reveals that the modern youth is most concerned with health, family values, economic independence and personal freedom. Ukrainian girls give priority to love and helping other people. They value education and knowledge more than boys do. Boys are more interested in prosperity and high position in society.


When it comes to getting married and raising a family, the majority of Ukrainian youth thinks that two children are sufficient. Plus, 40% think it's wise to test a relationship by living together before tying the knot.


"The age model of marriage is changing in Ukraine. More and more young people postpone marriages till graduation and employment," chief researcher Natalia Rynchag notes. The average marriage age for men is 27, while it's 25 for Ukrainian women.


In regards to education, the number of Ukrainians attending and graduation college continues to grow year after year. The practice of combining study and work is becoming very popular with 30% of students starting to work immediately after enrolling in a university.


"20% of young people of Ukraine take extra classes for self-improvement. This is not a bad result, though our youth is far from practicing life-long study, as the modern world requires," Natalia Rynchag says.


Overall, the youth of Ukraine is something the country can be proud of. It's no wonder why so many gentlemen from around the world fall in love with younger Ukrainian girls! "We have nice young people, conscious and responsible, who lead active life free of bad habits. Personally, I know many such people," says psychiatrist Vyacheslav Mishiyev.


Source: forUm