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What Ukrainian Women Want: Sushi!

23. October 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Because we see so many profiles from Ukrainian women, it's natural that we pick up on a few trends. While interviewing women for HRB's Featured Lady posts, we noticed many Ukrainian women have a favorite food in common: sushi!

“My favorite food is sushi, fruits, and chocolate,” Cutie_Doll writes.

“I adore sushi!” gushes HappyBella.


"My favorite foods are Japanese sushi and Italian pizza," shares SingleLady. "I even learned how to cook them!"

We’re not the only folks who noticed Ukrainians’ love of the traditional Japanese food. Last December, the Kyiv Post reported on this growing trend.

“Sushi has begun to give the authentic borshch and varenyky a run for their money as Ukrainians’ favorite food,” writes the Post’s Mariya Manzhos. “Especially favored by young urbanites, this famous Japanese dish is the indisputable champion among ethnic foods in Ukraine.”

So what does this mean for you? If you’re planning to visit a special lady in Ukraine, why not surprise her with a trip to a highly-rated sushi restaurant? If you’re not sure where to go, a lady’s introduction agency can always help with recommendations and reservations. You might also try Kiev’s Concord Restaurant, the Mai Thai Lounge, or Saratov’s Jumanji and Nikolaev’s Yakitoria Japanese Restaurant.

Of course, if you’re feeling ambitious and romantic, you could try preparing a sushi meal yourself. Learn the art of preparing sushi by taking a course, reading a book, watching a tutorial video, or trial-and-error experimentation. You don’t have to be a master chef to impress a special lady with your cooking skills. Most women will be impressed, and honored, by all your hard work.

While sushi has gained an international following, the healthy food is particularly popular among Ukrainian women. Have fun treating a special lady to her favorite food or preparing sushi for a potential match!