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What Should Be in Your Pictures on Russian Love Match?

21. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Pictures can tell great stories about you and your life. By posting many on your profile, you can give Russian ladies a better idea of you who are. 


Don’t forget, the ladies on Russian Love Match live on the other side of the globe in a culture that is very different from yours. Every picture you send tells them a little more about what life is like where you live, and what she could expect if you marry and she comes to live with you. A few tips for communicating your life through pictures:


Before we start on what to do, let’s address a few of the don’ts: don’t post pictures of other ladies, unless those pictures are of your sister (and clearly labeled as such!). Russian ladies want to imagine themselves by your side, and seeing another woman there makes that tough. Try to avoid shooting pictures of yourself in the reflection in your bathroom mirror. While a few photos of yourself indoors are fine, make sure that you vary the location to communicate more about yourself. And, of course, nudes and crotch shots are not appropriate.


Carry a camera with you all weekend to document what your days off look like. Pretend that you are a tourist in your town for a day. What are you proud of in your city? Show off the places that you enjoy most, and also the ones that are most striking to newcomers. Think about how different even your supermarket is from the one where she shops for food. Snapping pictures throughout your day creates a charming narrative of your daily life.


If you are allowed to, take a few pictures at your job. It doesn’t matter if what you do for a living seems dull to you; it is almost definitely different from what she’s used to seeing in her country. Show her what your workspace looks like, and how you look while going through your day to day tasks.


Have some photos taken of you enjoying your hobbies. Are you into sailing? Take some pictures while boating. Love to go to football or baseball games? Snap a few shots so your Russian lady friend can see what you do for fun.


It takes longer to get to know someone in a long distance relationship. Sending pictures that tell about your everyday life can help you and your Russian honey learn more about each other. 

Photo: auriscia