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What Russian Women Want

2. May 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Many gentlemen understandably want to know what qualities Russian women are seeking in a mate. Do they like outgoing men? Reserved men? Tall men, short men, funny men, serious men? Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to the this question. There are thousands of women on and each one has her own preferences when it comes to a significant other.
While many ladies describe their dream man as one who is funny, kind, honest, and family orientated, a gentleman must first get to know a special lady before he can learn exactly what qualities she is seeking and determine if he is a good match. If you’re curious about Russian women want, take a look at the ladies’ profiles and ask them questions in emails and chats. This is the only way to learn what kind of man a woman is looking for.

At times, men make assumptions about what Russian women want based on the rumors that surround the Russian dating industry. Some skeptics argue that money is a Russian lady’s primary interest. Others insist it’s immigration rights. While there are certainly devious women out for their own gain, the majority of Russian women want far more from their future spouse than cash and a green card. If you wish to be successful on, try to avoid making assumptions about what Russian women want, especially if your assumptions are based on international dating stereotypes. Many ladies will be offended and hurt by suitors who think they’re shallow or dishonest, not to mention wonder why men who think so poorly of Eastern European women are pursuing them in the first place.

While it would be nice if we could tell you exactly what Russian women want in a long-term partner, every lady's different and there's no list of universal qualities. Men must talk to and get to know a special lady to determine what she's looking for in mate. However, that's all part of the Russian dating fun!