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What Pick-Up Culture Gets Right

7. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Although there is a ton of reasons that the seduction community has got it all wrong, it’s still right to give credit where credit is due. In between the secret code words and dehumanizing philosophy, there is a bit of solid advice that could benefit any man. A few of the bits of PUA advice you should take to heart:


Dress the best you can. You have no control over your height, you shoe-size or the sharpness of your jaw. But, you can pick out a suit that fits you like a glove, shirts that flatter your build and a hair-cut that is well-maintained and fits the shape of your face.


Provide value. Think about what you bring to an interaction. Do your best to be warm, entertaining and fun to be around. And, while PUA’s advice of doing this through canned “cocky but funny” routines or gimmicks like magic tricks, you can expand on their recommendations by including being a good listener and taking a genuine interest in the ladies you chat with. The difference between that approach and PUA is that you are truly looking for a life-partner and wife and not just a one night stand.


Divorce yourself from expectations. Focus on your actions, and the enjoyment of the moment instead of hanging all your hopes on how someone else may or may not react to you. By enjoying each interaction in the moment and not getting hung up on whether or not something works out as planned, you save yourself from disappointment. This can be applied to any area of your life, from the hot Russian blonde  you’ve been chatting with to a business contact you may or may not get to work with.


Focus on self-improvement. Think about the ways that you can make yourself a better man. This goes back to the “provide value” advice. Could you become more physically fit? Learn a second language (say, Russian!)? Improve your understanding of worldwide current events? Always look at the ways that you can make yourself even more worth knowing. You not only make yourself more attractive to eligible ladies; you improve your enjoyment of life overall.


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