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What Kind of Men Do Women Hate to Date?

1. December 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

While every lady is different, there are certain kinds of men that women (Russian or otherwise) tend to avoid dating. Are you one of them?


Cocky men

It's great if you own a nice home, drive a nice car, or have traveled to exotic locales. However, constantly bragging about your success may backfire. According to a survey conducted by, arrogance is one of the top ten turn-offs for Russian women.

It's okay to honestly answer questions about your lifestyle, but try to refrain from throwing out unnecessary information about your net worth, the number of beautiful women you have dated in the past, what expensive cars/electronics/vacations/ you recently purchased, etc. Even if you do not mean to sound arrogant, such comments may come across as obnoxious and cocky (especially to a lady who does not have much in the way of material goods). Modest men often get further with the ladies than men who boast.


Men who are obsessed with sex

It's no secret that men think about sex more often than women. However, that does not mean women want to hear sexual comments from men. Especially if the couple is still in the getting-to-know-you phase of their relationship. This can be a big turn-off for Russian women.

While you may think a woman will be flattered by a comment about her hot bod or what you would like to do to her, such talk is likely to offend her. Not only that, but she may think you're only interested in sex and stop communicating with you altogether. Men (and women) who are seriously seeking a long-term relationship should avoid talking about sex in the early stages of a relationship.

Unfortunately, some men confuse with adult-themed chat rooms. We are not that kind of service. It is not appropriate to ask our ladies for nude photos, to send nude photos of yourself, or to compose graphic emails detailing exactly what you would like to do to one of our beautiful Russian ladies. Such behavior is not only a violation of our terms of service, but is also likely to drive many Russian ladies away. Save this sexy talk for later in the relationship.  


Boring Men

Women (Russian or otherwise) are attracted to men with interests, drive, and passion. Men who lack these attributes risk being seen as boring and unattractive.


While you don’t have to be an astronaut or a brain surgeon to score a Russian lady, she wants to know that you have dreams and ambitions.  However, a man’s goals don’t have to be career-orientated. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to travel the world or excel at a particular hobby.  Go for it. Even if you don’t succeed, it’s better to try than do nothing at all. Better yet, find a lady who shares your passions. It can only enrich your relationship.


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