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What Is a Typical Russian Dating Experience?

21. July 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Many gentlemen understandably want to know what to expect of their RussianLoveMatch experience. How many men find love on our site? How long does it take to find a bride? What is a typical Russian dating experience?


The truth is there’s no such thing as a “typical” Russian dating courtship. Some gentlemen find a special lady within a few weeks, others a few months or years, while some never find a Russian bride at all. Each courtship is unique, as are the men and women involved, so there is no way to know, for sure, how a relationship will unfold.


There are thousands of ladies on, each with their own hopes, desires, plans, and dreams. Gentlemen who approach Russian women with preconceived notions about they want and feel and how a relationship should progress risk ruining a good thing.


There's no standard formula, or template, for finding a Russian bride. Gentlemen who relax and let the Russian dating experience progress naturally typically fare better than those who do not.