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What Are Russian Women Really Like?

11. November 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

Russian women are true survivors. Decades of harsh times and generations of rich family life have shaped the typical Russian woman into a real Steel Magnolia. Here's why:


Not a fragile flower

Under Soviet rule, people were forced to lead a double life: There was the world of government control and intrusive beauracracy, and there was the warm underground of family and friends.

From 1917 to 1989, the people of the Soviet Union were repressed by the central government. They were circumspect around strangers. After Communism collapsed, the former Soviet Bloc states had to start from scratch and redefine their economies. Inflation and long lines were facts of daily life. People became tough and resourceful. Russian women and their sisters in neighboring countries have learned how to endure hardship with grace.


Your average Russian woman is accommodating, adaptable, and determined in the face of set-backs.


The joy of family life

Russians are different behind closed doors. They certainly don't fit the Western stereotype of stoicism and reservation. In reality most are warm, charming and hospitable people who thrive on connecting with others. Russian women unleash their essence in the warm embrace of loved ones: they are caring, tender and devoted. Combine these traits with intellectual curiosity, cultural pursuits and worldly knowledge and you have the essence of a Russian lady.

Open hearts, open borders

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