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What’s Wrong with Russian Men?

8. July 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Many members of Russian Love Match believe there’s something wrong with Russian men. After all, they reason, there must be something wrong with men from the Former Soviet Union or else thousands of Russian women wouldn’t date foreigners online. Are you among the believers? Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Russian men, Russian women, and international dating sites.


First, it’s important to note that not all women join Russian Love Match because they’re dissatisfied with Russian men. Women join our site for a variety of reasons – curiosity, a sense of adventure, the desire to meet new people and try something new – but a hatred of Russian men is hardly the norm. Yes, some women are unhappy with men from their own country, but that hardly means that all, or even most, women on Russian Love Match want nothing to do with Russian men. 


That said, there are certain aspects of Russian men’s lifestyles that some women find unappealing. The Moscow News today reported that 55% of Russian men are daily smokers and that one-fifth of Russian men’s deaths can be directly attributed to alcohol. Domestic violence and infidelity can also be a problem. Naturally, these issues prompt some Russian women to look for love abroad, and that’s where Russian Love Match comes in. 


Though Russian men have their problems, stereotypes tend to exaggerate the issues while downplaying or ignoring the issues facing men in Western countries. In short, no demographic is perfect, and it’s simplistic to assume there’s something terribly wrong with Russian men. While chatting and flirting with the women of RLM, it's best to focus on what you have to offer a woman rather than on what someone else might lack.


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