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Well Groomed Guys Get the Girls

27. October 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Once you post a few fresh looking photos on your profile, should you worry about perfecting your appearance every day? After all, you have at least a few months before meeting your favorite Russian brides in person. However, guys who do focus on looking their best increase their odds of finding a match.


One reason is because putting your best face forward all the time helps you feel more confident, which ladies love. It will come across in what you say and how to say it.


Another reason is because it helps you develop a good routine. Bachelors are notorious for skipping showers and shaving here and there, but once a beautiful Russian bride comes into your life, you'll want to accelerate your attractive factor. 


Here are 4 must have grooming habits.


Shave and a Haircut

Some women like hairy men while others prefer smooth, shaved suitors. The key is keeping it under control. Shaving every day isn't necessary, but at least trim up the edges. Frequent hair cuts are important and don't have to be expensive. Also, don't forget about those pesky nose and ear hairs!  


Clean Teeth, Fresh Breath

Ladies always notice men's teeth so be sure your brushing AND flossing every day, no matter what. Don't be a stranger at the dentist's office and invest in some lip balm. A sparkling smile, smooth lips, and nice breath will lure more ladies in for a kiss!


Smooth Skin, Neat Nails 

Once you get your hands on the soft, silky skin of a Russian woman, you'll have a better chance of lingering longer if your hands aren't hideous. Rough skin, calluses, and severly chewed nails are not a good look. Get in touch with your feminine side and get a manicure once in awhile, use lots of moisturizer, and take special care of your feet too.


Amazing Aroma

While all of these other suggestions are essential, one of the first things a woman notices about a man is how he smells. Whether it's the shampoo or the cologne, a good smelling man can make her melt. Be careful not to overdo it though. It may be enough to use strong smelling shampoo and body wash while skipping the cologne, or use a light body spray.


When you have a beautiful Russian lady on your arm, you'll want to make an extra effort to look exceptional. It just makes you feel better too! Start perfecting these grooming habits today!