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We Pay the Translators, Not the Ladies

13. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

A persistent, yet inaccurate, rumor about RussianLoveMatch is that we pay the ladies to chat with men. This is not true. The women listed on RussianLoveMatch are not employees. The translators, however, are compensated for their services, and this has lead to a lot of confusion about who is being paid and who isn’t.


Many of the ladies do not have the proper English skills to converse with native speakers on their own. Therefore, translators are necessary to interpret email messages and translate responses. These professionals are paid for the time, as is only fair, but the ladies themselves do not receive any money. 


Before we will list a woman on RussianLoveMatch, she must first state on video that she is not being paid to participate on the site and that she is genuinely looking for love. She must also sign a piece of paper outlining the same. If we find a lady has violated this agreement, we will remove her from our site. It’s as simple as that.


The women on RussianLoveMatch have never been paid to correspond with members and they never will be. If someone tells you the ladies are paid to chat or if you read this misinformation somewhere online, it’s possible the source is confusing our hot Russian brides with the translators. People often mix up the two, but it’s important to remember that the ladies and the translators are not the same.