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Want a Trophy Wife?

5. April 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Some men believe Russian dating sites are akin to mail order bride shops, a place to get a hot wife who will look good and serve as a status symbol. Though common Russian bride stereotypes would have you believe that Russian women are perfectly fine with this arrangement, that they want nothing more than a rich husband and a green card, the truth is that men must offer something more than wealth and foreign citizenship to land a Russian wife.

The belief that Russian women are primarily interested in a man’s money stems from the mail order bride stereotype that states Russian women are poor and miserable. However, this simply isn’t true. Russia has come a long way since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and many Russians have managed to build happy, secure lives. Culture and commerce abounds, tourists flock to the country each year, and many Russian women enjoy successful careers. A Russian woman must give up a lot when she moves away and, believe it or not, money alone isn’t enough to make the difficult move worthwhile.

Plus, choosing a partner on looks alone is a surefire path to dating disappointment. It takes much more than looks to build a serious relationship, something members of RLM tend to forget when faced with the thousands of photos of breathtaking women. That’s not to say that beautiful women can’t make good wives, but that beauty isn’t the only thing involved in a successful relationship. Choosing a lady based on mutual attraction and compatibility is the best way to find a serious Russian bride.


As our name suggests, Russian Love Match specializes in facilitating matches between Russian women and Western men, not providing trophy wives. Men who focus on finding women with compatible qualities, rather than just finding beautiful women, tend to fare better on RLM than those who do not.