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We Don't Sell Mail Order Brides

29. October 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

If you are looking to buy a Russian or Ukrainian mail order bride and have her sent to your door, you have come to the wrong Website. provides advanced communication tools that empower open-minded, eligible bachelors to try something new and different by virtually dating single Russian and Ukrainian women. is a matchmaking conduit through which members can openly express their feelings and desires without judgment.


Regardless of what the hundreds of Websites and agencies tell you, there is still a stigma associated with these services. Are they legit or just defensive reactions? Love isn’t easy or guaranteed, in person or online, so it can be easy to bash or discredit a service because of an unfulfilled expectation.  A lot of the bad press about scam sites is propagated by competitors and people profiting from the bashing.  Like with any other product, there are bound to be some naysayers.  Concerning matters of the “heart”, emotions always run high and reason takes a back seat. With over 15,000 satisfied customers, we can confidently say that we do more good in the world.


Ladies Join on Their Own
A common misconception about Russian and Ukrainian dating Websites like is that the ladies on the site are forced to join these services and made to marry any man willing to pay. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although most of the members are looking for a meaningful, long-term relationship, many are on the site to have fun, meet different people and learn about Western culture. Never do we promise a bride nor do we force women to enter into relationships they don’t want to be in. All the rules of courting apply on


Stealing or Deceiving American Men?
Many critics of Russian dating Websites make the argument that these services steal quality bachelors from local dating pools or that these women only want to take advantage of wealthy men.


Our members make the choice to join our Website on their own, many of who are looking for something different. members are between 25-64, many are divorced or life-long bachelors, have demanding careers and travel often. These factors sometimes make a virtual relationship much easier to be in. Low stress, low drama and on his terms and schedule. With over 81 million men between the ages of 25-64 in the US alone, there is bound to be a percentage of the population that wants to try something different.


Russian women, like many Western women, have a desire to have a financially stable family. Because the socio-economic structure is so different in the former Soviet Union, rarely do Russian women have a realistic idea of how much money it takes to live in the Western World.


“Gold Diggers” exist in all modern societies, not just on Russian dating Websites. Attacking Russian women and accusing them of only being interested in money is unfair. Case in point: the Bravo TV show “Millionaire Matchmaker” and the VH1 show “Megan Wants a Millionaire”. Both shows openly espouse “gold digging” and they feature American women. Why do “mail order brides” get a bad rep, when this is what they see on Western television?


Exactly how many men actually marry a foreign bride?
There is little statistical data on the subject, but the Department of Homeland Security’s US Citizenship and Immigration Services (according to a 1997 INS report) estimates that between 2,000 and 5,000 “mail order bride” marriages occur annually. Also, the report states that only 1.5-2.7% of all female spouses that immigrate to the US fit into the mail order bride category. In addition, there is no evidence that these marriages end in divorce or domestic violence any more than “regular” marriages. Actually, informal reports from members and agencies say that results are usually better in the long run.


In closing, the Internet has created a Global Community that interacts in ways that have never been seen before in human history. removes geographic boundaries from your quest to find a person that fits you.  Anyone with Internet access can meet and correspond with anyone else in the World, and even fall in love, or at least find true compatibility.