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Ways to Start a Conversation with a Russian Woman

28. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

It may be easy to find a Russian woman you like on What's more difficult is getting a dialogue going to find out more about her. So how should you start the conversation?


Here are a few ideas on how to get your Russian lady to open up. 


“Tell Me about Your Job”

Perhaps the best way to spark a conversation with a lady is to ask about the things with which she is most familiar. Chief among these would be her job. The occupations of the Russian women featured on are as many and varied as the women themselves. From students to managers to economists and psychologists, the women are bound to have many fascinating stories to tell about their respective lines of work.


“What is Your Family Like?”

Another good starting point is to ask about the lady’s family. What are her parents like? Does she have siblings? Is she close with them? When they get together, what do they do?


“What Would You Do if You Found $100?”

This is a good off-the-wall question that is bound to provoke some interesting answers. Would she keep it or try to return it to its owner? She may want to know what scenario has her coming across this money, in which case you can get creative. It’s a lighthearted conversation topic, but it can also give you a lot of information about her personality and individual values.


Current Events in Russia

Mentioning current events in Russia, Ukraine or any of the other former Soviet countries is a good way to demonstrate your knowledge of a lady’s native region. We frequently post stories on the Russian Love Match blog about political happenings, sporting events, celebrities and other timely news items. Look through and see if there’s an item of interest you can mention to your Russian lady and get her input about it. A word of caution – beware of discussing political or other sensitive issues, especially if you know little about the lady’s opinions.



You favorite color. Your favorite book. Favorite movies. Ask what hers are and tell her about yours.

With all of these, it is important to not only ask the question, but ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation going. If your lady is particularly shy, she might not give a lot of details when a question is first asked. But the more follow-up questions you ask, the more comfortable she will become and open up to you.


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