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Watch Russian Movies Online

19. May 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

If you're interested in Russian films but have difficulty getting access to them or have trouble finding movies with English subtitles, than Mosfilm's new online cinema website is just the thing you need! Mosfilm, Russia's oldest film studio, is now offering over one hundred Russian movies on Mosfilm Cinema and all of the films are subtitled in English and other languages. They created the online movie database to combat piracy and make their films available to a wider audience.


"Today's viewer needs a quality product and has no time to surf the Internet in search of portals where he can watch a film comfortably,” said Vladimir Shaidakov, Director of Mosfilm Cinema. “So, when faced with a choice between ‘Mosfilm presents…’ and ‘Slob and Sons present…’ he will opt for the former."


Currently, the website is only showing one movie per day. However, by summer operators plan to stream movies day and night as well as add more films to the site’s database. Viewers will be able to watch scheduled movies for free, view them online any time for 25 rubles or less than a dollar, or download a film for 65 rubles or a little over two dollars. They ultimately hope to offer films produced by other Russian studios as well.    


Mosfilm Cinema is currently offering Mosfilm versions of well-known Shakespeare plays. Watch them this week for free!


Source: Telegraph