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Visit a Stunning Ukrainian Beach, Meet Beautiful Women

9. June 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Ukraine boasts many warm and sunny beaches, full of gorgeous women, stunning views of sand and surf, and amazing seaside attractions. If you’re planning a trip to Ukraine this summer, here are a few beaches worth checking out. 


Arkadia Beach, Odessa

Named after a mountainous district in Greece, Odessa’s Arkadia Beach features resorts, restaurants, and lively night clubs right on the beach. Visit Ibiza or Itaka to dance the night away, then head over to Assol to grab an amazing meal prepared with fresh seafood.


The Sea of Azov, Ukraine and Russia

With soothing waters and abundant beaches, the Sea of Azov is a great place to relax. Visitors can participate in a variety of leisure activities such as swimming, beach volleyball, windsurfing, boating, jet skiing and tennis,  just to name a few. The area also offers vacationers water parks, amusement parks, wonderful nightlife and great restaurants.


Cape Phiolent, Sevastopol

Located about 10km south of the center of Sevastopol, Cape Phiolent is not covered by sand, but by pebbles, like most all of the natural beaches on the south shore of Crimea. Visitors love to explore an ancient, yet functioning church at the top of a cliff. The St. George Monastery is said to have been created by ancient Greek monks who were shipwrecked near the cliff by a horrific storm.


And here are some of the lovely ladies you might meet during your time in Ukraine.