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Victory Park, a Must See Memorial in Saratov

9. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Victory Park is a popular sightseeing stop in Saratov, Russia. Located at the top of Mount Sokolovaya, this picturesque park is a green, fragrant oasis in the city, complete with a monument, fountain, museum, and more. The beauty is astounding, but there is also an undertone of sadness, for these landmarks were created in memory of soldiers whose lives were lost in war.


Cranes Monument

A majestic monument, comprised of three 40 meter tall metal pylons, can be seen from many parts of the city. 12 silver and white cranes are depicted on the monument. A wonderful view over the city can be enjoyed from the observation deck, including the city center and the Volga River bridge which is the longest in Europe.


The Fountain of Tears

Another spectacular feature of the park is the Fountain of Tears where water jets spray across a mosaic of cobalt colored ground glass called smalt. The geographical locations from which soldiers went to war are marked on the fountain. Small hollows are carved which accumulate the “tears” and tourists can throw coins. A stroll through the Alley of Memory grants a view of large marble stones inscribed with the names of those who perished in the Great Patriotic War.


The Museum of Victory and National Village

Tourists as well as locals enjoy this unusual open-air museum with over 130 exhibits of military equipment such as tanks, boats, aircrafts, and weapons. In addition, the National Village displays typical dwellings of the Saratov region dwellings as well as an agricultural equipment exhibition.


In addition to these landmarks, Victory Park is a beautiful setting, complete with cafes, souvenir kiosks, shops, playgrounds, and even a shooting gallery and parachute tower. Saplings brought from all over the country have become large mature trees and an abundance of flowers bring joy to the eyes. The air is fresh and a great sense of freedom can be felt. Visitors of Victory Park say it's impossible to forget its beauty and uniqueness.