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Vera Brezhneva, Sultry Ukrainian Singer

12. July 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Vira Viktorivna Halushka was born in Dniprodzerzhynsk, Ukraine. Like most Ukrainian girls, she focused on her studies and graduated from the Rail Engineering Institute of Dnipropetrovsk as an economist. Her love for singing and unbelievable beauty encouraged her to audition for a girl band. She was immediately accepted and adopted her stage name, Vera Brezhneva.


Known as VIA Gra in Russia and Ukraine, the band’s name is indeed a comical reference to the male enhancement drug Viagra. It was also a play on words since “VIA” stands for “vocal instrument ensemble” and “Gra” means “game” in Ukrainian. Nu Virgos is the name used to promote the girls outside of the region. Vera sang with the group for over 4 years before getting married and deciding to embark on new opportunities.


She organized a charitable foundation called A Ray of Light which provides medicine and support for children with cancer. Next, she became the hostess of the Russian version of the American game show Power of 10, called Magic of 10. She also starred in the romantic Russian comedy Lyubov v bolshom gorode, or “Love in the Big City”, as well as the sequel!


In 2008, Vera premiered her first solo song and she continues to release multiple hit singles every year. Her latest smash is called Ljubov spaset mir, which translates to “Love Will Save the World”. Check out the sexy music video below these amazing photos!