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Ukrainian Wedding Traditions: Part 2 – The Honeymoon and Beyond

29. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Planning a wedding with your Ukrainian love match? No matter where you get married, here or there, both you and your lady man have different ideas about how to plan the wedding. Western wedding customs get plenty of play in the movies and on TV worldwide, but some may escape your Ukranian fiancee.


And you may be wondering just how things are done in her home country. We’ve already covered preparations and ceremonial traditions in Ukraine in Part 1. Now, it’s on to the aftermath.


After the Wedding

In Ukraine, the bride, groom, their families and guests head to the bride’s parents’ home on both the wedding day and the night after to celebrate with all-night parties. The couple receives gifts and guests play group games, take photos,and everyone toasts everyone and everything. One enduring tradition is the shout of “Gorko!”, a signal for the bride’s and groom’s single guests to kiss one another.


The Honeymoon

The honeymoon is just as, or more important than, the wedding in American culture. Couples will skimp on the nuptials themselves in order to afford a dream trip to launch their life together. Some have the wedding at the honeymoon destination itself.


In Ukraine, honeymoons are not a tradition. Of course, many customs have gone global, so more Ukrainians are heading off to a resort after the wedding, but a honeymoon is not a given. For one thing, it is too expensive for many newlyweds. Your Ukrainian bride will probably love this dream beginning to her marriage!


Starting Life Together

Even in challenging economic times, it is de rigeur for North Americans to begin their life as husband and wife in a new home. Under Soviet rule, people in Russia and Ukraine waited years, if not a lifetime, to have a place of their own, so starting married life with a new house or apartment is a fairly new concept.


It’s also important to remember that multi-generational living – usually in the bride’s or the groom’s parents’ home – is just a part of Eastern European culture (and many other parts of the world).  While couples with the means might live in their own place, it is not the expectation. Your Ukrainian bride will probably be thrilled by the idea of a two-bedroom flat, and feel like a princess in a house with a yard!


Being sensitive to your fiancee’s expectations and experiences will go a long way toward paving a smooth start to your new life together. Start looking for the right forever-match today on!