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UK Study Says Russian Women Are Ideal Wives For Men

29. October 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

A recent study published in the European Journal of Operational Research gives credence that marrying a Russian bride can lead to a happy life.


The Bath University study revealed that men who marry a woman who is smarter than he is and at least five years younger will have a happy marriage.


Love & Marriage

Researchers interviewed more than 1,500 couples who were married or in a serious relationship. Then five years later, they checked on 1,000 couples to see which ones were still together.


In cases where the man is older than the woman, the odds of blissful marriage are higher, than if the woman was older than the man. In those cases where the woman is five years older or more than the husband, the divorce rate is three times higher than if the couple were the same age.


The Smarter the Better

The study also found that the higher the education level is for the wife, the more successful the marriage. This bodes well for Russian women.  In Russian society education is highly valued for children of both sexes. Classical educations are common and many Russian women have advanced degrees.


Fresh is Best

British researchers also found that couples who had never been married had a much happier marriage. Researchers also found that couples where just one member had been previously divorced also did much better than couples where both were divorcees.


Dr. Emmanuel Fragniere told the BBC that men and women choose partners based on attraction, beliefs, love, values and a whole list of other reasons, but “"objective factors such as age, education and cultural origin may help reduce divorce".


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