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Top 5 Safety Tips for Your Trip

21. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Are you ready to hop on a plane to Russia or Ukraine to finally meet the beautiful Russian brides that you’ve been chatting with? While this international journey can be the vacation of a lifetime, a few safety procedures should be considered before taking off.


Whether this is your first time to the Former Soviet Union or you have enjoyed this experience already, being reminded of some basic safety suggestions is always a wise idea.


Review Current Travel Info

Checking a country’s consular information will notify you of any travel advisories, embassy notices, and any changes on the entry or exit requirements. You can also receive travel tips specific to your destination. Plenty of information can be accessed easily online. 

Russian Federation Travel Information

Ukraine Travel Information


Register for Added Security

U.S. citizens are encouraged to register with the Department of State in case of emergency at home or abroad. The process is free, easy, and completely confidential. Similar services are available in other countries as well.

Travel Registration with U.S. Department of State


Duplicate Your Documents

One of the worst things you can do when traveling abroad is misplacing your passport or other forms of identification. In order to safeguard these essential documents, make several copies of each for frequent use while hiding the originals in a secure place.


Leave the Luxuries

Gentlemen often make the mistake of taking along expensive electronics, jewelry, and other extravagancies. Not only will this make you an obvious target for thieves, but these items are just more things to keep track of. Why take your cell phone to Ukraine and pay ridiculous international roaming fees when you can buy or rent one there?


Bring Clothing to Blend In

In addition to flashing cash and valuables, another signal that you’re a foreigner is your appearance. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt may be fine for a trip to the Bahamas or Cancun, but Europeans typically dress more business-like. You have probably already noticed that Russian women always dress to impress and you should too. Pack some nice business casual style clothing, like collared shirts, ties, and even a suit or two. You will blend in better and the Ukrainian girls will appreciate your effort.


Plenty of members travel to Russia or Ukraine every month and give us feedback on their trips. Plus, our travel liaison is available for advice as well. Happy travels!