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Tips to Make Life Easier for You and Your Russian Love

12. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

After a journey of a lifetime, you finally found her- the woman of your dreams.  But before you make the numerous arrangements for your lady to be a part of your life, RussianLove Match would like to offer you some friendly advice to make her your life together easier.

Not in Moscow Anymore

Whenever you travel to another country, you expect things to be different. Signs are different, stores are different, cultural customs are different, and of course the language is different. Even in nations where English is spoken, words and ideas have different meanings. For example, in the United States an area where cars are parked is referred to as a parking lot but in Australia that same area is called a car park.  So imagine the shock when you move to another nation, especially a nation where your native tongue is not spoken. You can expect your true Russian Love will have major culture shock.


Get a Plan

Even for couples who come from the same country and speak the same language the first year of marriage can be difficult. Both the man and woman must be on the same page.  You wouldn’t start a business without a plan or build a building without a blueprint, would you? So before you get caught up in the fever of a wedding, it is a good idea to have a plan to make your future wife’s transition to your home as painless as possible.


Google is your Friend

Does your town or a nearby city have a Russian or Ukrainian community?  Is there a local Russian cultural community organization? Is there a local Russian Orthodox or Ukrainian church nearby? If this is the case, contact them and explain to them that your wife will be moving to the area and would like to be involved in the community. Having fellow countrymen who speak the language and still keep the traditional customs will make her not feel so alone. 


Seek the High Road

Seek out local colleges and universities. Many of them have a Russian studies or language department.  Some offer their students credit for conversing with native Russian speakers, or teaching English to Russian speakers. This would be an easy way for her to learn conservational English and a way for her to be involved in her new community.


Money Matters

In Russia the people do not have as many financial burdens as Western countries.  Your bride may not understand that there are separate bills for the mortgage, power, water, telephone, television, Internet, wireless, credit cards, grocery, car payments, repairs, etc. Many do not understand the complex banking rules and regulations, and the penalties for late payments. Be sure to educate her about these things before she moves.


In part two, we will share with you more tips that will make your new life with your Russian Love much easier.