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Tips for the Best Online Dating Profile Description

3. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Fifty words isn’t much. But, it can seem like an endless gulf to fill when have to come up with at least that many words to describe yourself in your online dating profile. What can you say that will make the best impression on the Russian ladies on our site?


Ditch the generic stuff

Don’t fill your profile with generic facts that are pretty much true of anyone on a dating site. For instance, stay away from clichés about how you are fun to be around, or that you like sports. Focus on the things that are unique to you.

What are you most proud of?

Are you a skilled musician? A knowledgeable Russian history buff? Talk about this stuff in your profile. While going overboard and bragging should be avoided, there is nothing wrong with sharing the qualities you are rightly proud of.

How do you spend your time?

Be sure to include a bit about your favorite hobbies and the sort of work that you do. The ladies on the site want to know what you are like, and what like would be like if they were with you.

Don’t tell them, show them.

Have a great sense of humor? Instead of just saying that, include a small joke. Athletic? Let your profile pictures communicate that. People form their impressions of you based on what they observe about you, not what you say about yourself. Allow the Russian ladies looking at your profile to draw their own conclusions about the positive qualities that you have. When your profile shows who you are, it’s easier for them to get to know you.
Think about what sort of responses your profile invites.
Most people on online dating sites show their interest by commenting on or asking about something they read on your profile. Gentlemen on Russian Love Match can give interested ladies a hand by giving something to respond to. Here, it helps to be very specific about your values, your hobbies, and how you spend your time. The easier it is for her to write an engaging introduction based on what she sees online, the better your chances of that special lady deciding to write to you.