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Tips for the Best Experience During the Colder Months

3. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Winter weather in Russian and Ukraine is likely very different from what you are used to dealing with at home. But, by packing the right gear and knowing a few tricks for dealing with extreme cold, you can have a comfortable and exciting winter visit. Those who have been there during the coldest months say that the clear air virtually sparkles, and it’s worth doing a bit of bundling up.


Bring the Right Clothing

Make sure that you pack clothes that can protect you against cold temperatures. If you live in a warmer climate, you may have to purchase winter wear especially for your trip. You should bring a warm winter coat, a hat, gloves, long underwear, wool socks and good, warm boots.


On cold days, dress in layers, such as a t-shirt, dress shirt, sweater and coat. This allows you to add or remove clothing as needed to get comfortable when going from the cold outdoors to the inside buildings, which are frequently kept quite warm in the winter months.


Dress for the level of activity that you’ll be taking on that day. If you are going on a walking tour where you will be moving a lot, you’ll need to bundle up less than you would on a day that you will be sitting still.


Ukrainians Know How to Deal with Cold

Even when it is cold outside, you can find comfortable spots to warm up for a bit. Buildings will be kept warm to combat freezing weather outside. The train stations are also usually well-heated. If the cold is getting to you, step inside somewhere for a bit to take off the chill. Once again, dress in layers. The difference in temperature between the indoors and outdoors can leave you feeling uncomfortably warm once you get inside.


Stay Warm the Way Ukrainians Do

Many places you go, you will be offered hot soup or tea when you come in from the cold. A hot cup of tea is just the thing after being outside in chilly, windy weather. You will find that you appreciate Ukrainian ladies’ warm hospitality even more than usual when the weather gets cold.


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