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Tips for Dating Young Russian Women

6. August 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

A poll administered by our sister site,, revealed that many members have no problem dating younger women. In fact, of the men HRB surveyed, 40% think a 20+ year age gap is acceptable. If you're interested in dating a much younger Russian woman, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Don't Assume She's Into Older Men

Though you may be fine with a 10 or 20-year age difference, not all Russian women feel the same way. That’s why it’s important to find out where a lady stands when it comes to big age gaps. How? Ask her directly or view her profile to see if she’s listed a preferred age range. This can keep you from wasting time on a lady who just isn’t interested in older men.


Acknowledge Age Gap Challenges

May-December romances have challenges other relationships do not. That’s not to say you can’t overcome these issues, but that it’s best to acknowledge them and be prepared. So what are the challenges? Every relationship is different, of course, but mismatched maturity levels, vastly different interests, and disapproval from family and friends are a few issues that may arise.

Talk About Family Goals

Men who marry much younger women have usually been married at least once before and have children of their own. Some of these men do not want any more children, which can be a problem if their young wife wants to start a family. Avoid this conflict by being open and honest from the start and learning where a lady stands on having children.

Plan Ahead

If you are significantly older than your partner, it stands to reason that you’ll be the first to experience serious health problems and the first to pass away. Planning for the future to ensure your partner won’t be left in a terrible situation is an important when it comes to age gap relationships. Though it's unpleasant to ponder one's death, it's essential when leaving dependents behind.


Many couples are happy in May-December romances, and there's no reason you can't be as well. Good luck!