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Tips for Courting More Than One Lady

28. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

We recommend that gentlemen on Russian Love Match talk to several ladies in order to increase their chances of finding someone they connect with. But, if you are a traditional fellow who is not accustomed to playing the field, this can feel a bit unnatural. Our tips will help you gracefully manage courtship with more than one lady.


Do Not Bring Up Other Ladies

When you chat with your Russian sweetheart, do not compare her to other ladies on the site. That can only lead to hurt feelings. While we do not suggest lying, it is best to be discreet about the other women who you are chatting with.


Don’t Lie and Say You Are More Deeply Involved Than You Are

Just as you would prefer not to be led on, Russian brides do not wish to be told that you are more serious than you are. Remember, you are both adults enjoying the process of getting to know one another. It is perfectly okay to enjoy one another’s company without pretense. If you do find that you become quite taken with one another over time, it is, of course, okay to say that. But, don’t pretend to feel things that you do not.


Be Aware That the Ladies You Chat with Talk to Other Gentlemen, As Well

The ladies on the site are trying to find love, the same as you are. Sometimes, they’ll be chatting with one guy for a while and he will disappear or stop answering her messages. To prevent investing a lot of time in someone who might lose interest, ladies will often start by talking to several gentlemen. It does not signify a lack of seriousness; rather, it is a way for her to increase her chances of finding the right guy for her. 


Make Arrangements to Meet More Than One Lady When You Visit the FSU

Sometimes, dates fall through at the last minute because of schedule conflicts, illness, or because the lady develops cold feet. If you are going to travel from abroad, it is best to have a few dates planned so you can meet different ladies in person and see how things go. Remember to handle the topic of multiple dates delicately. No one wants to feel that they are your back up or second choice.


Remember, romance can’t begin until you find ladies that you would like to meet. Log in now to start a conversation with a sexy Russian lady.