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Three Ways to Increase Your Success on Russian Love Match

31. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Russian Love Match increases your chances of finding a match by expanding your dating pool to include the beautiful ladies of the FSU. But, simply signing up does not guarantee success. A combination of good attitude and positive actions are necessary to win in the game of love.


Keep Your Expectations Realistic

She’s not going to agree to marry you the first day you exchange messages and head over on the next flight. Not every lady who you are smitten with is going to return your attraction. And, as in any long distance relationship, there are hitches that you can hit on your way to a lifelong commitment and happiness. But, knowing all of that means that your attitude is more in line with one that will sustain you through the long haul as you search for love online.


Be Approachable, Engaging and Kind to the Ladies

In your emails, always show that you have red her profile and that you are paying attention to what she’s told you about herself. Ask her about her life, and what she wants from her future. Engage her in conversations. Russian dating involves getting to know one another through courtship, and finding that the two of you fit together. This can’t happen unless you step up and engage her interest.


Do not send three or four word emails and expect her to carry a conversation from there. Never give ultimatums, demands, or treat her unkindly. The ladies are most likely to warm to you and want to get to know you better when you are polite, kind and inviting.


Have a Sense of Adventure

If messaging, chatting, and getting to know a lady is a chore you have to do to get into a relationship, that will show through to the ladies who you talk to. Look at early courtship as something fun that you want to do, because it’s pleasurable to get to know someone. If you approach each encounter as something fun in and of itself, you are more likely to enjoy your dating experience, and more likely to project that fun and engaging attitude in all of your exchanges. Remove expectations, and just take pleasure in each interaction.


In the end, you get back what you put forth in romance, just as you do anywhere else. It takes time, patience, and a positive attitude to find the right one for you. Keep an open mind and put forth the effort necessary to woo that lovely Russian honey. 


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