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Thinking of Traveling to Russia or the Ukraine? Be Sure to Plan Ahead!

10. February 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

From time to time, a gentleman will decide on a whim to travel to Russia or the Ukraine to meet a lady he has courted on While such a move may seem charming and romantic, a last-minute trip to the Former Soviet Union is rarely a good idea as members must follow certain procedures before meeting women from our site. The necessary steps are outlined below.


Step 1: Become a Qualified Member

Until recently, a qualified member was a gentleman with a current premium membership (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) who had purchased at least 2,500 credits. However, from now until March 8th a gentleman need only use 1,000 credits to become a qualified member.

Timeframe: Varies from member to member


Step 2: Complete the IMBRA Process

Once a gentleman has become a qualified member he is eligible to complete the IMBRA process. To begin, a member must log into his account and then click the IMBRA button at the bottom of the screen. He can then follow the instructions from there to finish the process.


Timeframe: Approval generally takes 24 hours


Step 3: Complete the Intimacy Request Process

Gentlemen who wish to obtain a lady’s personal contact information and/or arrange in-person meetings, must first submit an intimacy request to the lady in question and await her approval. Without an approval, an in-person meeting is simply not possible.

Timeframe: A lady has up to two weeks to approve or deny a request.


Step 4: Get Necessary Travel Documents

Each country has different entry and exit requirements. Some only require a valid passport for entry while others, like Russia, require a letter of sponsorship and a Visa. It is crucial that a gentleman have all necessary documents before he attempts to enter another country, as travelers without proper documents will be turned away and sent home at their own expense. Passports, Visas, and sponsor letters are not documents one can get in a few days, so gentlemen should be sure to apply well in advance. 

Timeframe: Varies. Depending on the document a gentlemen needs, the process could take weeks or even months.


Step 5: Book an Introduction Package (Optional)

Though it is not required, many gentlemen choose to contact a lady’s local agency to arrange introduction packages. An introduction package can include hotel accommodations, transportation, translation services, in-person meetings, etc. We ask that a gentleman contact an agency at least three weeks prior to his departure to ensure the agency will have enough time to make the necessary arrangements.


Timeframe: A minimum of 3 weeks

Gentlemen who wish to meet a Russian lady for the first time should always plan ahead. Though last-minute travel can be exciting and fun, it is simply not feasible to travel to Russia or the Ukraine without adequate preparation.