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Thinking of Sending Cash? Don't be Rash...

18. September 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Are you giddy about a Russian woman and thinking about sending her a fat check? Don't make any rash decisions. Sending cash to someone you’ve never met is rarely a good idea, especially if that person lives halfway across the world.

A woman should never ask, or even hint for, money or gifts while chatting with the men of Russian Love Match because soliciting members is a direct violation of our Terms of Use. If you encounter a woman who blatantly asks for money, please let us know so we may take appropriate action.

Most members, however, send cash, not because a lady asks, but because they care about a woman and want to do something nice or help her through tough times. No matter the reason, we strongly discourage men from sending money abroad as it can lead to trouble.

Rather than sending cash, men who wish to do something special for a lady should consider sending a gift from our online shop. We currently offer flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals, spa packages, and much more. Members can even request delivery confirmation and photographic proof of receipt. so they can be sure their gift reaches the intended recipient.

Though members are ultimately free to make their own decisions, we strongly advise men to keep their wallets closed until after they’ve established a solid relationship with a Russian woman.