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Thinking of Dating a Much Younger Woman?

9. November 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Considering dating a much younger woman from Russian Love Match? You're not alone. Many men are enchanted by the young ladies of RLM, and reach out to girls they would normally consider too young. If you're still on the fence about dating a young woman, here are a few pluses and minuses to consider.

The Perks

  • Young women typically have a lot of energy and an admirable zest for life. This can be refreshing for older men, especially those who feel old, tired, or jaded. 
  • Similarly, dating a younger woman . Who doesn’t want to feel more youthful and energetic?can help you feel younger yourself
  • Young women are generally healthy and at their most attractive. Obviously, men are attracted to health and beauty.
  • Young women have more time to start a family and are less likely to feel driven by their biological clock. This can be important to men who want children sometime in the distant future. Young women also have better fertility rates and a decreased risk of complications.

The Disadvantages

  • May/December romances can mean mismatched goals and priorities. For example, a young lady may be focused on having fun and living in the moment, while her partner may more interested in settling down and planning for the future.
  • Men and women in relationships with a significant age difference must also contend with different levels of maturity and wisdom.. Some couples deal better with this discrepancy than others.
  • May/December lovers are less likely to have things in common. This may or may not cause issues. 
  • Young women may not be ready for a serious relationship or know what they’re looking for in a mate. 

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