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Think Grammar and Spelling Aren't Important?

24. June 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Some men assume that because the women of Russian Love Match aren’t native English speakers it isn’t important to use proper grammar, spelling, or punctuation in emails and chat. Here’s why this assumption is a big mistake.


Rather than being less important, using proper English with non-native speakers is even more essential as mistakes are more apt to cause confusion and misunderstandings. The women of RLM enjoy practicing their English with foreign men, but this fun can quickly turn to frustration if a man’s messages are riddled with errors.  


When writing to Russian women, take care with your spelling and try to use similar words correctly. For example, to and too, affect and effect, and ensure and insure are often used improperly and can change the meaning of a sentence. Punctuation is also extremely important, even when writing to native speakers, as blocks of text are frustrating to read. Misspellings and abbreviations can also be difficult to puzzle out, and many readers just won’t bother. Other things to avoid include text speak like LOL and OMG and multiple punctuation marks.


Men should also keep in mind that grammatically correct, well-written communication reflects well on them. Unfairly or not, emails riddled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes can make a man seem lazy or unintelligent. That’s not to say all your emails have to be perfect, but that polished messages are more likely to prevent confusion, get your point across, and make a good impression. 


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