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Things That Turn Off Russian Brides in Chat

24. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Chatting is a lot of fun. But, there are a few things that can take all the pleasure out of it for Russian brides. Read on to make sure that you don’t commit any of the faux pas that can kill an international romance:


Overly Raunchy Talk

Leading with this can chill her interest quickly. It can make a gentleman look like, well, less of a gentleman. Always let her set the tone of the conversation. If she is up for some playful banter, she will let you know. 


Making Demands

Some guys get a little too excited when they see the Russian ladies on video chat. It is never okay to ask her to dance for you, bend over, or to put on a show. It’s a dating site, not a cam porn site! Ladies are turned off by these sorts of commands.


“Testing” Her

Some guys will ask trick questions to see if they can catch a Russian bride in an inconsistency in what she says. Now, caution in dating is always understandable, but, think about the effect of this sort of behavior. Have you ever been treated with suspicion by someone you were dating? How did that work out for them? Those who look for relationship problems will certainly find them, or make them.


If you do feel that you are being misled, it would be better to move on than to try to “catch” her at it. But, before you go there, ask her, politely, to clarify. There’s a good chance that you simply misunderstood her.


In the end, it’s best to always remember that the ladies on the other side of the chat are here for the same things you are: a romantic connection. Be a pleasant chatting partner, and you increase your chances that you are the one who she will pick.

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