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The Hot New Work-out Tool: Old-Fashioned Kettlebells

31. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

You’ve seen the pictures of turn-of-the-century strongmen lifting iron balls with handles. Those balls are kettleballs, and they are seeing a comeback on with fitness fans.


This workout has made a comeback because it is highly effective as both strength training and aerobic exercise. The weight of a kettlebell is centered below the handle, so, swinging it involves several muscle groups at a time for a more complete workout. If you are looking for an efficient exercise to get and keep fit for your Russian bride, kettlebells could be a good option for you.


Russians invented kettlebells in the 1700s. The first written reference to them dates back to 1704. Originally, they were used as counterweights for weighing goods at the markets. People began throwing them for entertainment, and soon a sport was born.


Many kettlebells are still weighed in the medieval Russian measurement of poods. One pood is equal to approximately 36 pounds. In 1948, the Soviet Union declared kettlebell lifting its official sport. To this day, Russian soldiers are required to work out with kettlebells, as are members of the FBI Counter Assault Team and the US Secret Service.


Kettlebells are now stocked in many gyms. Their compact size makes them convenient to store and transport, so, if your gym does not have them, you can easily bring your own. They are also an ideal solution for home exercise. They are great at building balance, agility, strength, and muscle definition. Kettlebell exercises include lunges, squats, and rapid lifting exercises known as cleans and jerks. The weights come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 to 165 pounds.


There are a number of kettlebell workouts detailed online in both articles and videos. Or, if you feel you’d like more guidance, you can schedule a session with a kettlebell-trained personal trainer. Always start with a small kettlebell, and increase the weight only when you can do each maneuver perfectly. Before long, you’ll be stronger, slimmer and more fit than ever.


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