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The Healing Mineral Waters of Truskavets

12. November 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

For centuries, locals and visitors have taken advantage of the healing mineral waters and treatments found in Ukraine. Health resorts can be found in nearly every city, amazing guests with ancient traditions and modern science. Most spas are located along the coastal areas and near the mountains, where much of the mineral waters and deposits are the richest.


The city of Truskavets is home to the most advanced spa retreats in the country. They boast incredible luxury and amenities, while still remaining affordable. Located in western Ukraine’s Lviv Oblast, Truskavets lies in a beautiful little valley in the Carpathian foothills.


Most visitors travel to this spa town to consume its famous waters. The most famous is “Naftusya”, which is said to greatly improve health and cure numerous maladies. It strongly smells of hydrogen sulfide and tastes slightly like oil, which many have described as awful. In addition to Naftusya, there are 13 natural springs as well as vast deposits of Ozocerite, known as mountain wax.


There are over 40 unique and specialized sanatoriums to relax and be pampered. Truskavets is also home to a number of entertainment venues, such as nightclubs, cafes, and a theater, making it a delightful destination to visit with your favorite Ukrainian girl.