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The Costs of Russian Dating

29. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Curious about the costs of Russian dating? Here are three things to keep in mind about each stage of the international dating experience.


Courting a Bride

Communication and courtship costs are a significant part of the Russian dating experience. Email, chat, and video streaming fees can really add up, not to mention gifts and the cost of a translator. Thankfully, RussianLoveMatch offers a variety of membership plans designed to meet a variety of budgets. Plus, translation fees are included in the price of membership! 

The amount of money a man should expect to spend on a Russian or Ukrainian woman also depends on his personal preferences. For example, some men prefer to court a Russian woman for only a few months, while others prefer to chat and exchange messages for years. Some gentlemen enjoy sending lots of gifts, while others prefer to limit their gift giving to special occasions. Naturally, men who prefer to chat for long periods of time and/or those who send multiple gifts will spend more money than members who do not.


Visiting a Bride

Once a gentleman has courted a Russian woman for a reasonable amount of time, he’ll want to meet her in person. The cost of this journey depends on a gentleman’s preferences. Some men will book pricey hotels, while others will choose more economical accommodations. Some men will buy extravagant gifts while others will limit their spending. Should a couple hit off and decide to get married, the immigration costs will vary according to the couple’s home countries, whether or not the lady has a child, where the couple will wed, etc. There are many variables to consider and thus many potential costs.


Bringing a Bride Home

Many gentlemen believe the costs of Russian dating are over  once a man has married a lady and brought her home, however while some costs are ending others are just beginning. For example, many ladies need language lessons after arriving in a new country, not to mention driving lessons, a car, insurance, food, clothing, shelter, and more. Men should keep in mind that it is often several months before a Russian woman can work and help pay household expenses so gentlemen should budget accordingly.

Make no mistake. Russian dating is not inexpensive. However, with the proper amount of planning and preparation gentlemen can court, visit, and marry the Russian woman of their dreams.