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The Best Way to Report Your Concerns

14. November 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

As hard as we work to provide clients with the best international dating experience around, Russian Love Match isn't perfect and members may encounter a problem or two during their time with us. If that happens, here's the best way to get your problem resolved.

If something makes you uneasy, report the issue to our customer service department. You can reach out through phone or email or chat with our live web hostess. We’ll then investigate your complaint and keep you informed of our findings. We look into all scammer complaints, no matter how small, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Some men react to potential issues by quietly cancelling their memberships and never reporting the problem. While these reactions are understandable, it’s also unfortunate as men can, and do, misinterpret women's behavior or an action on our part. Not only that, but we have no way to address a problem if we don’t know it exists. So if you have a problem, please let us know about it!

We work hard to protect our members from Russian scammers, but bad apples may occasionally slip through the cracks, and we appreciate members who help us remain vigilant. This is one of many reasons to give Russian Love Match a try.