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The 3-Step Guide to Submitting an Intimacy Request

29. November 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Want to send an Intimacy Request to a special woman on Russian Love Match? Follow these three simple steps.


Step 1: Get to Know a Potential Match

Though not a technical “rule,” we do recommend that men get to know a potential mach before sending an Intimacy Request. After all, not every lady is comfortable sharing her personal information with a stranger and may deny requests from men she doesn’t know that well.

Step 2: Become a Qualified Member

A gentleman must be a Qualified Member of Russian Love Match in order to submit an Intimacy Request. A Qualified Member is a man with a current Premium membership (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) who has used at least 1,000 credits on our site.

Step 3 Complete the IMBRA Process

A Qualified Member must also complete the IMBRA process before submitting an Intimacy Request. The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) is a United States statute that requires background checks for all marriage visa sponsors and limits serial visa applications. IMBRA also requires background checks before speech or other forms of communication are permitted between American citizens and foreign nationals. Every member, not just Americans, must complete the IMBRA process to be eligible for Intimacy Requests. Members only have to become IMBRA approved once.

Once a Qualified Member is IMBRA approved, he may then submit an Intimacy Request to the woman of his choice. She has up to two weeks to approve or deny the request.


Sending an Intimacy Request is simple once you know what to do. Chat with beautiful Ukrainian women and identify potential matches at