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Tackle Friends’ and Family’s Objections

10. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Getting teased about mail order brides or hounded with baseless horror stories? Are you avoiding telling friends or family that you’ve joined Russian Love match just because you don’t want to hear what they’d have to say? Our tips can help you manage the criticism you’ll get from people who don’t know much about this type of online dating.


Share Your Reasons for Looking for Love Abroad

Many people look overseas for romance for a wide range of reasons. Whether you are on the site because your local dating scene is stale, or because you would like to meet someone with more traditional values, your friends should respect your reasons.

Debunk Russian Dating Myths

Explain to your friends that you are not purchasing a mail order bride. Tell them a bit about the introduction process if you feel it will set their minds at ease. Let them know that, in most ways, Russian dating is very much like any other kind of online dating. At this point in time, about a fifth of new relationships begin online; if yours comes from a little farther away, that’s just a small difference.

You Are Not Obligated to Share Every Detail of Your Life

The only person who you are beholden to is you. You need to live your life and pursue a loving relationship in a way that makes you happy. If you feel that your family or friends will be judgmental of your choice to look for love in the FSU, you are under no obligation to tell them. You may choose to wait until after you have arranged to meet a Russian lady in person before sharing your news. What is important is being true to yourself and doing what you feel is best for you.