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Super Sexy Russian Bond Girls

7. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Super spy James Bond has tangled with ladies from all over the globe. But, he keeps returning to Russian ladies in film after film for one reason: they are some of the hottest around. Russian Bond girls (both sultry characters and sexy actresses) include:


Tatiana Romanov – in From Russia with Love this sexy Russian spy sets out to seduce James Bond, but ends up on the same side as 007 in the end. 


Anya Amasova – This KGB spy from The Spy Who Loved Me is widely considered one of the sexiest Bond girls. Anya partners with Bond without knowing that he killed her lover. She gradually falls in love with 007, and can’t bring herself to exact the revenge that she’d promised. 


Kara Milovy – a concert cellist pressed into assassin duties when her lover tried to defect, Kara Milovy was spared by Bond when he sensed that she wasn’t what she seemed. The film The Living Daylights gets its name from him scaring “the living daylights” out of her when he chooses to shoot the rifle out of her hands instead of killing her outright.


Plenty O’Toole – in Diamonds Are Forever, this sexy and opportunistic girl played by Russian-American actress Lana Wood latches onto James Bond when she sees his gambling skill. Unfortunately, her seduction of 007 is interrupted first by armed thugs who’ve come to beat up James Bond and later by Bond’s other lover, Tiffany Case.


Natalya Simonova – Golden Eye’s Natalya was a departure from the usual Bond girl, trading bombshell qualities for a smart and quietly sexy vibe. As a top programmer, she saves the day by destroying Golden Eye.


Xenia Onatopp – the villainess of Golden Eye, played by Dutch siren Famke Jannsen, Onatopp is an assassin with an unusual method: she seduces men, then crushes them to death between her strong and shapely thighs.


Camille Montes – The Quantum of Solace character may be Bolivian, but, this beauty is played by French-Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko. Camille Montes and James Bond are united by their agenda of revenge.